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BMS & Electrical Audit

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) or Building Management Systems (BMS) as they are also known, are a vital system for controlling the efficient running and management of business premises. Cosmos Integrated Solutions PVT. LTD. can assist businesses with their Building Management System (BMS) problems. Our qualified BMS controls engineer, can assess your current BMS situation and building control needs and optimise the BMS to ensure businesses properties are running as efficiently as possible. By optimising the building management system, the building controls should be more efficient and businesses and business activities will be more energy efficient.

An electricity audit is simply an audit or calculation of how much electricity you are using in your home and of where that electricity is going. An electricity audit can help you to identify waste so that you can resolve the problems that are causing you to use more electricity than necessary, thus wasting money and doing more damage to the environment than required.