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Energy Audit

An Energy Audit, or Review, is an investigation of all facets of an organisation’s historical and current energy use with the objective of identifying and quantifying areas of energy wastage within the organisation’s activities. It is best carried out by an Accredited EnergyMasters Auditor.
An Energy Audit establishes the baseline for any improvements in an organisation's energy use. It provides a comprehensive and systematic method for targeting cost effective efficiency gains. There are many examples where clients have been able to make savings without requiring any significant capital investment.

  • * Physical inspection of the premises with reference to applicable Indian standards, Indian Electricity Rules and other relevant codes of Practice& identifying electrical hazards (shocks, fires, etc.).
  • * Power analysis of the system
  • * Perform review analysis of provision of renewable energy in the system
  • * Recommended changes to existing operations and procedures to save energy and costs
  • * Capital investments that will improve efficiency – together with the estimated time to generate a return
  • * Longer-term opportunities for improvements through renovations or upgrades
  • * The Premises current energy performance rating and potential steps to improve it
  • * To evaluate the earthing system(installation and maintenance) based on IS 3043 including availability, upkeep and testing of earth pits and to suggest recommendations
  • * Energy Consumption per equipment – Calculation of efficiency
  • * Thermography Analysis of the system
  • * Lux and CFM Analysis
  • * IR and ER testing of the system
  • * Leakage current and reverse current analysis
  • * Physical inspection of the premises with reference to applicable Indian standards, Indian Electricity Rules and other relevant codes of Practice& identifying electrical hazards (shocks, fires, etc.).

Fire Audit
The audit is an examination of the premises and relevant documents to ascertain how the premises are being managed regarding fire safety. The inspector may also wish to talk to members of staff to confirm their level of fire safety awareness. The emphasis is on the responsible person demonstrating they have met the duties required by the fire safety order.

  • * To carry out a systematic, critical appraisal of all potential Fire hazards involving personnel, premises, services & operation method.
  • * Identify all significant fire hazards
  • * Identify the people who are at risk from each hazard
  • * Evaluate the existing control measures
  • * Examine the availability of suitable emergency plan detailing responsibility and action of key personnel
  • * To ensure that occupational Safety & Health System fully satisfy the legal requirements and those of company’s written safety policies, objectives & progress.
  • * Review the availability of suitable fire alarm and detection system.
  • * Review the availability of suitable fire fighting facilities, such as hydrants, sprinklers, extinguishers, etc.
  • * Evaluate passive fire protection systems provided.
  • * Evaluate the general awareness of occupants and security personnel on matters relating to fire safety and rescue operations.
  • * Evaluate the training and instructions on fire safety imparted to the employees and occupants.

Structural Audit

  • Structural audits include a comprehensive check of buildings and premises, including
    1. Verification of Load Conditions
      Evaluation of the Structural System of the Building
      Detection of Structural Defects, Damages, Distress, Deformation or Deterioration
      Plan and Alignment Check
      Assessing Maintenance and Exposure to Aggressive Environment
      Other Structural Surveys and Checks
      Fire Safety Check (optional)
      Electrical Safety Check (optional

Transition Audit
The transition audit is a special evaluation that is executed to perform surveillance and reporting in order to confirm that the organization has implemented systems as per norms.
This audit will cover following technical components

    1. Electrical, Plumbing,
      Fire Alarm System & Fire fighting System
      CCTV System
      Access System
      Air Conditioning